Chalk Paint Outdoor Bench

I am inspired by words, particularly quotes.  I love reading them and find they are an excellent way to start the day.  With that same thought, I have decided to start using a quote with each of my blog posts – that is until I run out of quotes or blog posts – although I think neither is likely to happen.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.  ~ Aldous Huxley (1864-1963) English Novelist

I believe whole-heartedly in improving my corner of the universe and my emphasis this year (let’s not call it a resolution, those are too easy to break) is on learning.  Learning a new skill, a new idea, learning more about the people in my life.  I hope that by sharing some of my projects, you will learn something too.

After allowing it to dry for 24 hours, I began the process of applying the finishing wax.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makes two different kinds of wax.  The Clear Wax is traditionally applied first with the Dark Wax used to age/antique the piece.  But because I was applying it over Black paint, I used the Dark Wax exclusively.  You can see the paint before the wax is really a dark slate grey, not the colour I was wanting.  The texture of the finish is very unique, it has a soft, chalky feel to it.  You can leave your piece like this but adding the wax gives it durability and a depth to the colour.  Very hard to explain but I hope the pictures give you an idea of the transformation of the paint.  The wax penetrates the paint and hardens it making it extremely durable.Application of Dark Wax

I used a short haired brush to apply the wax, dipping into the container and work the wax into the paint with a small circular motion.  The wax is soft and easy to apply but apply sparingly because at some point, you will need to buff it and too much will just make it sticky.  Here is a picture that shows the dramatic difference in colour once the wax as been applied. Outdoor Bench 1007 It’s like the paint suddenly comes to life!  Outdoor Bench 1011

After coating the entire piece, I allowed it to dry overnight.  The next day, the wax felt a bit tacky and I used an old sheet to buff the wax smooth.  The texture of the finish now feels like it has been varnished, very smooth and lovely!

I love this piece now and am so inspired to paint more pieces.  Outdoor Bench 1012This process is completely addictive!  Incredible results – fast and easy.  Stay tuned for more…





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